Mantravalli - An Anthology of Sacred Chants



Mantravalli - Volume 1 & 2
Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation


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In many traditional cultures the use of sound is a significant aspect of spiritual practice. In the Indian tradition, sound, especially as embodied in the Veda-s, is exalted to a status second only to the Supreme.

Believed to have been revealed to ancient Indian Rsi-s while in a deep meditative state, the Veda-s are a vast collection of hymns that form the basis of the Sanatana- dharma and are held to be sacrosanct by its adherents. They are also the authoritative source of many significant schools of Indian wisdom and philosophy.

The Veda-s are the source of mantra-s that have been and are in practice. Mantra-s are powerful sounds, which when pronounced in the right manner and with the right intention, produce specific vibrations within our body. These vibrations have the ability to positively influence our physiological state, thereby improving physical, mental and emotional health.

This apart, mantra-s can also be used to bring about specific therapeutic effects in practitioners.

Mantravalli literally means a creeper of chants. This anthology contains a careful selection of sacred chants from various sections of the Veda-s, as taught by the legendary T Krishnamacharya. These include passages from some of the primary Upanisad-s, Samhita-s and Aranyaka-s, as well as popular Suktam-s and Sloka-s.

The chants are presented both in the traditional Devanagari script and in the Roman transliteration form. Descriptive introductions to each chant are presented in English, French and German.

Mantravalli will be an invaluable asset to all those who are seriously interested in Veda-s and Vedic chanting.

A Guide to Vedic Chanting



A Guide to Vedic Chanting
TKV Desikachar

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The Vedas are ancient scriptures in the Sanskrit language. Traditionally it is believed that the Vedas are the breath of God and eternal, hence they are not composed by humans but revealed to ancient seer while in a deep meditative state. Considered complete and impeccable, they wield high influence on Indian scriptures and are held sacred by millions to this day. Due to this belief in their divine origin, even those Vedic verses where the rules of Sanskrit grammar seem to be violated, are recited unchanged. Modern research claims that the Vedas were composed by Indo Aryans many centuries before the birth of Christ. There are innummerable such theories of origin put forward by different historians, the validity of which continue to be a source of debate. The only aspect of the Vedas that has never been contested is their manner of recitation. Bound by a set of strict rules, they continue to be chanted today in exactly the same way as they were in the distant past. In the ancient past, Vedic Chanting formed a part of daily activity in everyone's life as all rituals were based on the Vedas. A guide to Vedic Chanting has been compiled to orient a beginner in the art of Vedic Chanting to its history and technique. It will serve as a useful resource when embarking on the magical, potent journey on sacred sounds.